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Keep reading this vital information below, there is rumor that bitcoin will go to $100,000 within the next few years and over $1,000,000 within the next 10 years, so the question is are you game to start your bitcoin journey for as little as $27 Australian dollars today?

The guide is all you need to get started, I wish I had this information when I started, there is a lot of disinformation on the INTERNET and as an Australian most the information is based on the USA, so not helpful if you are in Australia

I go through everything from opening an Australian Exchange account, fund it via an Australian Bank account, all major banks are covered within the Exchange

Once you have funded your account, I then cover how to buy a crypto currency, which will be used to fund your Bitcoin like automatic trading platform, earning you approx 1% per day, the concept is based on compound Interest and the end result is truly mind boggling

Once you have funded your automatic trading platform you are earning money within 24 hrs

With only $100 US ($180 AUD) you can retire within two years on $200,000 a year (maybe sooner)


MY 100% Guarantee: If you don’t make your money back with The Bitcoin system and you follow the system completely, I will refund   you purchase of $27, Normally priced at $67(please show me what you have done and why you want a refund)


Once you have paid via PayPal, you will be automatically returned to the Training page, and you are ready to go, even if it 2am in the morning

  • Purchase this guide  with instructions on how to setup your accounts and start your automatic trading:  $27  for a short time Only Normally priced at $67
  • Comes with video and other amazing extras, like a Debit card so you can withdraw your money via any ATM worldwide









I also provide funding for the automatic trading account without having to setup the Australian exchange

Send $300 AUD to my Commonwealth Bank account and I will fund your trading account, its quick and easy to get started, what you get is a $100USD account, whats left over is for fees and my cost, keep in mind the difference between the USD and the AUD at the moment there is $131.59 AUD to a 100USD, so the $300 covers all these charges listed above

Bank:  CBA

Name: Luke Boissevain

Account #: 11594722

BSB: 065 000

Email me your details: name, email address and mobile phone number

luke(at) replace the (at) with @




Once you have paid for your preferred product/service you will be directed to the training section on this website and you can start immediately, if you do have a question before purchasing, please email me: luke(at) replace the (at) with @


If you already have an exchange account or
bitcoin wallet you can pay me with bitcoin



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