BCCPAY – BitConnect Debit Card

BCCPAY makes spending cryptocurrency simple

Load your card with either BitConnect or Bitcoin with just a few clicks. BitConnect card BCCpay allows secure payments to be made hassle free with just one swipe.



BCCPay is a payment platform that stores Bitcoin and BitConnect. Your BCCPay wallet can be used to load your debit card for purchases in multiple Fiat currencies.

Here are some of the awesome benefits of using the BitConnect prepaid card


Less than 1% fee for transfers

The charge to transfer between Bitcoin or BitConnect is just 0.25% per transaction and there are no other hidden fees.

Multiple Currency Accounts

Deposits of Bitcoin and Bitconnect can be stored in USD, GBP and EUR accounts. You can use these accounts to load your card anytime.


Deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals on BCCPay are fast and secure with minimal fees. There are no limits on deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin or BitConnect from your BCCPay wallet.

Bitconnect Debit Card

Virtual and plastic cards are available with instant loading from your USD, GBP and EUR wallets. Virtual cards can be issued instantly for online shoppers.

For More Information Visit BCCPAY.CO