I have spent over 9 months studying everything I can regarding bitcoin and crypto currencies

I have lost about $1000 in scams, as the internet is rife with people who live a life of ripping people off, and I have come up with what I think is the safest and most secure investment vehicle I can find, always remember that there are no guarantees in life and always do your own research when investing any money, I am not a financial adviser and do not take responsibilities for your gains or losses


Is it possible to retire in two years? Most people who work for a living would say no

The internet and Bitcoin have change all that, it is now within the reach of anyone who is willing to invest as little as $100 USD and by using a unique Crypto Currency Company with a market cap of  $610,852,884 USD as at 24-11-17

Its coin value is approx. $300 USD as at 24-11-17 and the company has created a propriety software program that trades between USD and Bitcoin etc.

The company trades 24-7 and pays out approx. 1% per day (24hrs) which is equal to 30% per month or 365% per year, some days it may payout 2% and other days it may only be .5% so it is averaged out over 12 months

There is no bank on earth paying that much interest and we are now at the right time and place to retire at any age if we so choose, we could have a $200,000 a year income a year and live anywhere we choose, again it is not rocket science and you don’t need any skills in trading, the software does it all automatically!

Are you willing to start just with $100 US or approx. $180 AUD?

I have put together this guide which shows you all the steps to start, if you prefer I can setup your accounts for you and I do charge for this service, so the choice is yours

I also recommend that you use my special investment strategy that allows you to get your original investment back using the 60 – 60 method, so as to eliminate all risk




 An easy place to start exchanging your normal currency to Cryptocurrency, as we are in Australia I deal with Coin Spot as my exchange, they are located in Melbourne and they are very professional in all the dealings I have had with them, they operate under the financial regulations as any other financial institution does in Australia and they will give you a wallet and address for free as well.  If you just buy some Bitcoins today and leave them in your new Bitcoin Wallet then as the value of Bitcoin increases (and decreases) you will see the value of your new BTC (Bitcoin) change by the minute. They make their money by charging a percentage of each transaction you make by buying or selling cryptocurrencies

To fund your account there is no charge and they allow $10,000 AUD at a time to fund your account, I am sure this has to do with Australian currency regulation relating to money laundering etc.

What do I need to do next?

Just pop over to CoinSpot  and create an account, it’s free, secure and will take a bit of your time. Buy some Bitcoin (Bitconnect needs $100 US minimum to get started, approx. $180 AUD) and they’ll give you a wallet and deposit the bitcoin funds into it.

Below is a screen shot of my Coins Spot Account as at 23-11-17, just to give you an example of what your account will look like once you fund it and buy crypto coins, I have a number of coins listed below and their value goes up and down depending on the markets

Click here to go and register your account

register here coinspotMy Wallets

fill in the form coinspot

To finalize the setup of your coin spot account you will be asked to provide id and a photo i, so again just follow all the directions and it is only needed to get started

Now it is time to fund your account from your bank account

Deposit funds on coinspot 1

The screen below of my bank selected, CoinSpot provides access to the following banks in Australia:

Bank of Melbourne
Bank SA
Bank West
Bendigo Bank
Commonwealth bank
ME Bank
Newcastle Permanent
Peoples Choice Credit Union
St. George bank

Deposit funds on coinspot 2


Deposit funds on coinspot 3

Once you get to this part of the process, click the ‘Confirm’ link and type the SMS 6 number code into the form below and then click Confirm button

Deposit funds on coinspot 4

Now just click the return to Coin Spot button

Deposit funds on coinspot 5

Deposit funds on coinspot 6


buy bitcoin 1

Once you have confirmed to purchase, the next step follows below

buy bitcoin 3

You will have to wait for bit for the Bitcoin to turn up in your account, bitcoin turns up on the left hand side as pointed out below


Send Bitcoin from coinspot 1

This picture below is what we now need to get from our Automatic trading platform, so lets do that now

bitcoin address

First we need to open an a auto trading account, there is no
cost in opening the account,

click here to join up now

Make sure you use the baytree as your SPONSOR name so i can help you when you need

bitconnect free to jin



click bitconnect to get your bitcoin link

When this window opens up copy the long public bitcoin key

Step 5

Once this is copied to your clipboard, we go back to coinspot and use the link to transfer bitcoin to your bitconnect account so you can start your auto trading and earn your 1% a day approx on your money

transfer bitcoin on coinspot 1

Once this is done you will receive a successful confirmation and also will need to conform via email, as this is a safety step to insure you only can transfer bitcoin out of your account

Now we head back to Bitconnect account and get ready to fund your trading account

Step 2 converting bitcoin to bitconnect

Step 3 converting bitcoin to bitconnect

Step 4 converting bitcoin to bitconnect

Step 5 converting bitcoin to bitconnect

And that’s it, you’ve done it. Every day at this exact  time, Bitconnect will pay out your interest into you lending wallet and  you can withdraw it when ever you want. When you have $10 or more in  your lending wallet, you can reinvest it, this is what 99% of people on  Bitconnect are doing because the compound interest effect is astonishing and means you will double your money in just 60 days! Welcome to the  Cryptocurrency investment market


REINVEST your interest to get the compound effect and benefit

Reinvest in bitconnect 1


Reinvest in bitconnect 2


Reinvest in bitconnect 3

Reinvest in bitconnect 4


Rinse and repeat every day, it takes me on average about 1 minute
a day to reinvest my interest payment


So I have now given you the tools to earn $200,000 a year in two years, or you may choose to withdraw a $1000 a week to live on, it’s up to you



Can I get my money back?

Yes, at any time. Buying a Crypto currency is no different to buying a regular foreign currency. You’ll pay a small fee to trade with the traditional currency but if you want your money back then you just exchange it back again. Many people just buy Bitcoin, leave it in their wallets and then when they feel the time is right and the value has increased enough for them, they just sell it back to Dollars / Pounds or whatever. This is crypto trading in its most basic form and has made a lot of people very wealthy recently.


I have a total of $2,910, I put in approx. $1000 US and my account is up to almost $3,000, so my profit is almost $2000 in 5 months and because of compound interest it grows exponentially so in another 6 months I can with draw close to a $1000 a week if I should choose, the only work is the reinvestment over the next 6 months, and it takes about 30 seconds to reinvest the daily interest payment and can be done anywhere in the world…

Looking up the table you can see the daily interest being paid to me at exactly the same time, every 24 hours. The description details the daily interest rate they used to calculate your payout, and if you work it out, you can see that everyone in the Bitconnect system earned 6.91% interest on all their loans in that week, or in other words, 0.99% every 24 hours… That’s incredible! There is no Bank on earth pay’s out anywhere near that much.


What’s the Catch?

That was my first question to… Well, the only catch is that you must commit your investment capital / principal for a fixed period of time like you would have to with any other investment. After that time they will give you all of your money back. Of course, during the investment term they will pay you interest every single day and you can withdraw that back in USD / GBP etc as you wish, the daily interest is yours to do what you see fit, that is not locked in at all.


Here is the Bitconnect capital release table. You can see they split the loans into 4 different types. These are simple incentives to encourage you to lend more into the system. If you lend between $100 and $1,000 you will commit your loan for 299 days. Interestingly enough, if you were to reinvest your interest back into the loan capital every day you will induce the powerful effect of compound interest and your investment will grow from $100 to around $1,360 in 299 days!

If you invest $10,010 USD or more you only need to commit to 120 days and they will pay you an addition 0.25% daily interest on top of the normal daily interest payment! Using the same compound interest method of reinvesting your profit back into the loan every day, after 3  months when you get your capital back, you will have a total of around $40,000 in the system (your $10k capital plus $30k of reinvested loans).

If you choose not to reinvest and just take the interest payments every day/week/month (or whenever you want it) here is a table to give you an idea of the annual interest you will earn from your capital based on 1% return and no reinvestment:


Investment Capital

Monthly Profit

Annual Profit
















If you choose to reinvest every day, your received daily interest, then your Investment Capital will accrue compound interest and after 90 days will have more than doubled. This has a significant effect on the annual earnings there after as shown below:


Investment Capital

Capital after 90 Days

Annual Profit

















Now that got your attention I bet!


IMPORTANT: Add me first as your sponsor before you lend so I can help you with any questions or problems etc.

If you have already created an account without a sponsor, go to "Management
Tools" > "Profile" > "Add Sponsor" and type in : baytree