Spirituality 2.0 (How to Set Yourself Free) - Teal Swan

Teal Swan has three stages of Consciousness and the second is VERY important and we all need to go through this stage, the first we all do naturally, but few will go to the second stage


How To Be Authentic - Teal Swan

Authenticity is the new spiritual aim for human kind, it is where we
all must pass, jump in and feel authentic



Find Your Negative Imprint, Find Your Life Purpose -Teal Swan-



Dolores Cannon on  The Three Waves of Volunteers & The New Earth

Dolores Cannon on  The Three Waves of Volunteers & The New Earth
One of her most comprehensive videos on the past life regression and other entities
Covers all our different lives we have to have on this planet and other planets as well


Neale Donald Walsch - God’s Latest Scribe

One of the best talks on God by Neale Donald Walsch, must watch, you will be inspired and challenged


How to Sell Your Soul to The Devil (or not) - Teal Swan

Stuart Wilde: Interdimensional Realities, Dark vs Light Forces

TOPICS: Inter-dimensional Realities, Mirror World Double, Double Self,  Heaven Worlds, Perception, Humans Walking Into this Dimension,  Evolution, Ghosts, Dematerlization, Aura, Etheric, Children and Visions, Wave of Depression in Spiritual People, Darkness Rising, Light  Attacked, Ayahuasca, DMT, Negative Waves, Mayan Calender, Anti-Human,  Dark Tsunami, Golden Light, Dark Forces, Work Upon Yourself, Be Brave,  Love, 3 Graces

How to Harmonize Heart and Brain - Gregg Braden

Gregg Braden talks about harmonizing heart and brain and why we should do it.


Enlightened Beings Share Their Awakening, Mystical Experiences

Eckhart Tolle’s enlightenment in his own words: And one night the thought came into my head - I describe it very  briefly in 'The Power of Now' - In the middle of the night. 'I can't  live with myself any longer!' There was such an intense unhappiness. The depression was just too much to take. At that moment an inner  separation happened. I couldn't have explained exactly at that time, but retrospectively I can explain now what happened, because I understand  it. I didn't then. An inner separation happened between the unhappy self and a deeper sense of 'I' or Beingness, which I now call consciousness  itself.

Adyashanti’s enlightenment in his own words: I had spiritual or mystical experiences from the time I can remember. would walk around not knowing who I am, the identity had dropped  away and I felt like emptiness looking through my own eye balls and  feeling this incredible intimacy or oneness with everything around me.I had this intuition, that I am going to day at age 25 and I thought  it was going to be physical death. I was sitting and meditating and  trying intentionally having this breakthrough. I knew I couldn’t  sustain this intensity indefinitely. One day I sat down  I focused  all my will … right at this moment I had this insight  I can’t do this. It was complete defeat.

Mooji’s enlightenment in his own words: When I sat in front of Papaji and words from him really came through,  because my mind didn’t want to hear what he way saying. It wasn’t  funny, I’m laughing now. €˜But something seeped through and he said: If  you wish to find the truth, you must vanish. I don’t know what that  did. This is a big trip, all the people are wasting their time, this  guy doesn’t know what he is talking about. I decided on that day that I was long enough in this place. But the serum was in. Everything that my mind made up vanished in an instant. And the one I thought I  was was not there. The person could not be found, even though I was  looking at my hand. But it was seen that there was nobody in them.

Rupert Spira’s enlightenment in his own words:  All that was present was the experience of sensing and sensing takes  place in me, in this open, empty, aware presence.  It was so obvious  to me that this experience was made out of myself.

Sadhguru’s enlightenment in his own words: One afternoon I just went and sat on a small hill. For the first  time I didn’t know which is me and which is not me. What was me was  spread all over the place. I thought this madness lasted for 5,10  minutes. But when I came back to my normal ways of being 4,5 hours had  passed.' 'I'm bursting with another kind of ecstasy which is  indescribable.' ...








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